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Meet Cat Haley

Hello and welcome! My name is Catherine "Cat" Haley, owner of Cat Haley Cheerleading, LLC. I am both humbled and grateful to see you have found my page. The sport of cheerleading has been a vital part of my story and as a young female in the spirit industry, I consider it an honor to use my experience to influence others in a positive way. 

Born and raised in Maine, I fell upon cheerleading at a young age. With strong support from my family, my passion ignited immediately, paving a long road of success. Cheerleading was considered uncommon for the Haley's, but my parents learned quickly that it was certainly, "my thing". They dove in head first.


I spent my early years on the sidelines at a local recreation program, but when a competitive all-star gym opened up nearby, we were the first family to sign-up. I spent ten seasons at Planet Cheer All-Stars, where I had the opportunity to grow my both my skills and love for the sport. I was the first female standing full in the state of Maine and a part of the first team from Maine to make it to The Cheerleading Worlds. This program allowed me to flourish as an athlete, young girl and coach. My dreams in this sport grew larger as my experience grew.

After graduating high school, I enrolled at Kennesaw State University and made The Stingray Allstars- Orange. This had been my dream team for years, and despite growing up in a small town and overcoming several major knee surgeries, making this team helped me realize dreams do come true! After an undefeated season, including winning The 2013 World Championships, I stayed in Georgia for another three years working for Stingrays. Many championships were won, memories were made and an education that inspired me to do things on my own. 

Cat Haley Cheerleading started shortly after moving back to Maine in 2016. My goals from the beginning were to inspire young athletes and coaches to get the best out of this sport. Since then, I've had the opportunity to not only impact cheerleading in my home state, but travel both nationally and internationally to spread my love for this sport! I feel grateful for the opportunities that cheerleading has given me and look forward to my future. I hope you are my next client!


  • USASF Certified Levels 1-6 (Tumbling)

  • USASF Certified Levels 1-6 (Building)

  • USASF Green-Light Background Check

  • USASF Athlete Protection Education 


  • Bachelor of Business Management- Kennesaw State University (2019)

Awards and Titles

  • CHEERSPORT National Champion (2013)

  • CHEERSPORT National Champion (2014 x2)

  • CHEERSPORT National Champion (2015)

  • CHEERSPORT National Champion (2016 x2)

  • NCA All-Star National Champion (2013)

  • The Summit Champion (2015)

  • UCA International Champion (2013)

  • UCA International Champion (2015 x2)

  • UCA International Champion (2016)

  • USASF Cheerleading Worlds Champion (2013)

  • UpLift LA Maine- Top 40 Under 40 Influencers- Entrepreneurship (2018)

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