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Air Travel 

The pricing below is for competitive all star elite teams that require air-travel for scheduled sessions. These prices are different than local-travel costs.


All Packages Include

  • All Travel-Related Costs (We do the booking!)

  • Finished 8 Count Sheets

  • Year-Round Support

Full Routine                              $3300

Includes 10 hours of choreography and all routine-elements. Additional Team: $2400

No Stunts                                 $2500

Includes 7 hours of choreography with no stunt elements. Additional Team: $1800

Stunts Only                               $1500

Includes 3 hours of stunt choreography. Includes 1-2 stunt sections (based on preference) + pyramid. Additional Team: $1000

Dance Only                               $1400

Includes 2 hours of choreography with traditional (4) 8-count dance. Additional Team: $900

Clean Up                                    $1850

Includes 5 hours of clean-up assessment of full-routine. Additional Team: $1100

You-Pick-3                             $2200

Includes 5 hours of choreography with YOUR choice of 3 routine sections. Must not surpass 20 (8) counts. Additional Team: $1500

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