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WHO does this work for?

The Cat Haley Method is built for athletes of all ages (over 5) and levels to thrive! We recognize that all athletes will progress at different rates, but our carefully made systems help ensure athletes feel like they’re improving at a steady rate no matter their ability.

HOW do I use it?

All information is accessible at once purchased. Make sure to login and click My Dashboard to access your courses. Best used on a laptop with high-speed internet. 

WHAT is it?

The Cat Haley Method is a library of video series to aid in athletes become their best self… from home. Instructional guides and videos are easy to follow along and include up to 10 weeks of instruction. Everything is pre-recorded for athletes all over the world to access. Available for individual athletes or gym subscriptions.

HOW do I buy it?

All series from The Cat Haley Method can be purchased at Simply click on the series you’d like to purchase. Click Get Started Now and complete purchase! Remember to login to access your courses.

WHERE do I use it?

All exercises and stretches are meant for athletes to safely manage from the comfort of their own home. Individual-based workouts meaning no parent or coach needed!

WHY should I use The Cat Haley Method?

The Cat Haley Method was created with all athletes in mind. This means that everything we teach is research-based with the goal of quick-progressions and safety as our number one focus. Self-motivation is key, but we make that easy for you with our easy-to-follow guides and obvious improvement from week 1. Want to be your best? We got it covered.


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