V I R T U A L  L E S S O N S 



1. Make sure you have created an account, first! Please go to the HOME page and click the Log-In. Either login or sign-up.

2. After you are logged in, go to the Book Online page and choose which type of lesson you are looking for.

3. From here, you can choose your staff member or the first time slot available. You will request to book your time and receive an e-mail notification if the staff member approved your time.

4. You can access the Zoom code to meet with your virtual staff member under your Account.

5. You will be sent an invoice to pay for your lesson! Unpaid lessons cannot be served.


1. Please contact your COACH directly if you need to cancel an appointment. Refunds will be given.

2. Refunds will NOT be given for missed appointments.

3. All lessons are Eastern Standard Time.

4. All lessons will be conducted through ZOOM.

5. Lessons are first-come, first-serve. We are currently NOT offering standing lessons. Sign-up for as many in advance as you wish.

6. Your coach will e-mail CHC admin to take care of your refunds.

7. You can cancel or change your appointment time under your Account.

8. Please remember to show kindness, respect and coach ability to your virtual staff member, as we will do to you.

9. Remember to read the liability forms. Though we pride ourself in utilizing coaching strategies that are safe for all athletes and abilities, we are not responsible for any injury that happens in the home setting.